Important Event Details:

Exemplar is sponsoring the Greenlight Guru 2022 State of Medical Device Summit to give medical device professionals a chance to collaborate, learn, and find inspiration. It’s 100% free and 100% virtual.  This comprehensive online medical device summit will feature video presentations and panel discussions from medical device leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. Join us on February 25th for The Ins and Outs of Supplier Management as Exemplar Compliance’s Gaia Maurer heads up an exciting industry discussion panel.

FREE Event.  Live: Feb 21-25th

All sessions are at 12:00-1:00 PM ET.

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Conference Overview:

The Annual State of Medical Device Product Development and Quality Management Report will help you understand the strategies, tactics, and technologies used today to accelerate product development, ensure compliance, and promote quality.

Get the first look into the thoughts, findings, and data of original research from 500+ medical device professionals at this upcoming True Quality Summit Series.

Join us for just one hour a day to dig into the most compelling stats, biggest surprises, and must-know takeaways that will help you navigate uncertainty and maintain a competitive advantage this year.

Through engaging panel discussions and a deep dive into the report findings, you’ll discover what high-performing companies do differently and gain actionable insights to take your organization to the next level.


 Here’s The Agenda For The Big Week

  • Behind the Stats: 2022 Medical Device Product Development & Quality Management Benchmark Survey
  • Balancing Innovation & Regulation: Navigating Design Development While Keeping Quality and Regulatory in Mind
  • Quality Spotlight: Trials & Triumphs of Complaint Handling
  • The Path to Commercialization is No Easy Feat: Critical Milestones and Challenges
  • The Ins and Outs of Supplier Management

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • What key issues are affecting the industry, including the 2022 revenue outlook, and quality management priorities and preparedness
  • What strategies, tactics, and technologies today’s medical device professionals are using to accelerate product development, ensure compliance, and promote quality
  • What are the biggest challenging about the runup to commercialization and what gaps are there in preparation
  • What high performing companies do differently (and how you can do the same at your organization)
  • What you can do to manage supply-chain risk
  • How to shift compliance-minded organizations to a True Quality mindset
  • What critical hurdles and headwinds you can expect to face post-commercialization (and how to conquer them)


Join us as we explore, learn, and move the industry forward together!  


Exemplar Compliance is a full service consulting firm providing practical quality solutions to the medical device, IVD, Pharmaceutical, and biologic industries.  We work closely with customers to implement solutions that meet their business needs.  We support our clients in all aspects of the product lifecycle from new product development to full commercial scale-up.  Our specialists have experience in Quality, Regulatory, Product Import, Quality Audits, and Computer System Validation.  Give us a call today and let’s chat about your next project. Exemplar’s Supply Chain Capability

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