Exemplar Compliance Celebrates 10 Years



Exemplar Celebrates 10 Years

Exemplar Compliance, LLC is proud to announce that 2021 marks our 10th year in business.  The past ten years would not have been possible without our amazing team of consultants and our fantastic clients.  We want to say a warm thank you to everyone who supported us on our journey.  We look forward to the next 10 years, new friendships, and new technologies.  


Our Story: A group of industry veterans came together and made something truly wonderful; they shared their knowledge with each other and their clients to make a little life science “magic.”  Ten years later they have supported heart valves, drug eluting stents, IVD test kits, cancer therapies, Alzheimer medications, insulin for diabetics, rare diseases, medical devices, inhaled medicines, devices with embedded software, radiology equipment, and so much more.  They have helped to bring new products to market while doing what they loved.  


“We are so incredibly fortunate to have worked on so many life saving products.  We see these therapies being used by our families and friends and get to experience the direct benefit of our work.”  Rebecca Waterbury, Quality Advisor at Exemplar, and daughter of a diabetic with a drug eluting heart stent.  


The team has grown over the years and now includes former FDA inspectors, FDA reviewers, microbiologists, sterility experts, and computer system implementers.  The same great care is taken with every project because at the core of our company we believe that QUALITY MATTERS.   If you are going to do something, then it is worth doing right.  We believe that a Quality System is not one size fits all, and that a good Quality System should have the flexibility to grow with the organization.  


To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we will be offering:

  • Free Training: 10 Free Webinars to Celebrate 10 Years
  • Blog Post: 10 Things Every Quality System Should Have
  • Blog Post: 10 Things to Avoid During Your Next Inspection
  • For Fun: Send Us a Picture of Your 10 Favorite Things!


With Warm Regards,

The Exemplar Compliance Team